Where are my form submissions?

You can always view form submissions in the form's inbox. Visit the Forms page and click on the form you want to view submissions for.

Where is my API key?

Your API key is located on the Account page.

How long does my free trial last?

5 Days.

What do I do if my form gets spam?

FieldGoal uses Akismet to handle spam, but if you are still getting spam submissions then try adding Google's reCAPTCHA to your form.

Can I upload files?

Yes! FieldGoal works with Amazon S3 to handle files uploaded to your form.

Can I access my data via an API?

Not yet, but if this feature would be useful to you email us at customerservice@fieldgoal.io.

Is there a way to download my form submissions?

Yes! You can request an export of your account at any time on your FieldGoal account page.

Can you recommend a static site generator?

Yes! The friendly folks at Tighten (๐Ÿ‘‹ thatโ€™s us! ) have just the thing: Jigsaw.